Non Core IP Assets

Many organisations have non-core IP Assets that have a value that is not being pursued. Non-core IP generally consists of current /active IP with some level of proof of concept or productisation. Prototypes and Proof of Concept test results sit gathering dust on the factory floor or in the corner of the lab.

Typically the asset owner has no plan to actively pursue the opportunity or extract the value. 

Where do these Non-Core Assets come from?

They arise for a variety of reasons

  • They maybe the result of developments that had multiple applications,some outside the companys core activities that are not being pursued
  • Unintended discoveries
  • Projects where the original sponsor has changed role or left the organisation
  • Changes in company focus because of merger or acquisition
  • Projects where the project didn't achieve results relevant to the then business focus. 

How can TfI assist in their commercialisation?

Tfi will work with you to identfy and review these assets. We will quickly review the IP and how it compares to current 'State of the Art', determine the applications it might support and assess how the IP meets potential customer requirements in these application areas.
We then support you in the preparation of technology development plan and route to market planning. 

For non-core assets with a realisable value outside your organisation there are several options to extract value;

  • Sell, license or spin them out
  • For assets that have muliple applications, license fields of use outside your core business

Tfi can assist you in all parts of this process.