The Technology Team

Multi-disciplinary Team

We have a multi-disciplinary team with broad technical, industrial, management and marketing expertise. Team members have been chosen for their ability to work on a wide range of technologies and sectors. Our team comprises award winning scientists and engineers supported with experienced marketing and product development professionals.

This mix of skills enables TfI to offer a uniquely creative approach to technology development based on client's existing IP or new requirements. In particular the mix of business and technical experience enables novel and innovative solutions to be generated, quickly analysed, critiqued and developed from the aspects of technical, intellectual property and market merits.

Dr. Paul McEvoy - CTO

Paul holds a 1st Class honours BSc in Applied Physics from Dublin City University and a PhD in Optoelectronics from Trinity College Dublin (TCD). His field of study was the design and commercialisation of semiconductor laser devices.

As part of the research and innovation centre in TCD, he spent four years researching, designing and commercialising novel laser devices for use in data storage and telecommunication applications. He spent some time after completion of his PhD working with TCD to commercialise his work and this was subsequently spun-out into a new company. He is the primary inventor on patents in DVD laser and communication laser design,

He subsequently spent 6 years in technology development at The Technology Partnership in Cambridge, a consultancy based technology and product development company. As a consultant physicist he was responsible for initial feasibility studies and development of a variety of customer projects. As a technical consultant his principal role was to discuss the customer's project needs and map those onto a technical development project which could deliver upon them. Projects range from advanced printing technologies, to medical devices, to MEMS and scientific based products. He returned to Ireland in 2005 to set up TfI.

Within TfI Paul has been responsible for the technical and IP evaluation of all new technologies. He has also been responsible for determining the project plans required to deliver on early stage proof of concept developments. He has filed numerous patents in areas as diverse as wave energy, telecommunications encoding, e-beam sterilisation and fluidic resistance brakes. One of his core projects for the past 4 years has been the development of the WaveProtector technology, taking it from early stage concept, through proof of concept development, customer co-developments and on to customer prototype delivery.

Paul is a member of the IOP and is a member of their professional standards committee. He is also a member of ASTP.

Dan Richardson - Director

Dan is a Chartered Engineer with a First class honours degree in Electronic Engineering from Bristol University, and an MBA from London Business School.

He is a former naval engineer officer with extensive experience in the sale and delivery of R&D projects within the defence, space and aerospace sectors, working for DERA (now QinetiQ) and INSYS (now Lockheed Martin). He has worked as a Project Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, Consultant and Business Unit Manager. In his last appointment he led a team of 50 research scientists and engineers conducting multi-disciplinary applied research across many areas including novel material development, software and electronic systems. He came to Ireland in 2005 to set up TfI.

Within TfI Dan has been responsible for the lead sales activities and the market evaluation on new technologies, as well as bring his engineering background and experience to bear. He has spent the past few years building close relationships with customer and lead developers in the key markets of interest, including cleantech and renewable energy. He leads the consulting and services side of the business, ensuring the delivery of high quality technical, IP and market based projects for customers. Dan also oversees the customer delivery projects, managing the close interaction between TfI and its co-development partners on a wide range of projects.

Dan is a member of the IET and is on the committee of the Irish branch. He is also a member of Engineers Ireland, UNICO and LES.

Martin Hogan, Associate, Renewables and Utilities

Martin Hogan holds an Honours B.Sc. in Chemistry from NUIG and an M.Sc. in Environmental Science from Queens University Belfast. He currently lectures at Masters level in Dublin City University on Sustainable Management and CleanTech.

Martin has over 15 years proven strategic and commercial development track record in renewables and utilities.

Martin has worked for a range of well known blue chip companies in Ireland and the UK, including ELAN, DCC, NTR and BIFFA. He has filled Technical, Business Development and Programme Management roles in those companies.

His current engagements include advising on strategic business opportunities and providing technical and general management support to business owners, operators and due diligence support to potential investors.

He has been appointed to the Advisory Committee to the EPA

Martin is a Chartered Chemist, a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, a Chartered Safety Pracitioner, and a Member of Engineers Ireland.


Brendan Farrell, Associate, - Product Development Expert

Brendan is a former lecturer in Industrial Design, Craft and Education at NCAD, Farrell went on to establish one of Ireland's premier product design companies. In the design industry he has added key value to many of the high profile technology companies both in Ireland and abroad. In addition Brendan has also implemented design, manufacturing and marketing strategies for many exporters.

As an entrepreneur Farrell has established, and continues to establish new technology companies with international potential. Over the years he has developed an extensive global network of contacts and specialists. Using his international experience, Farrell currently mentors a number of companies on product and strategic development, product marketing, investment strategy and corporate structure.

Through his involvement in various companies Farrell has helped to secure investment funding in excess of €10 million over the last 10 years. In addition he has successfully negotiated many international contracts and partnerships with companies such as AT&T, Casio, BT and Marconi.

Brendan holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Engineering.