Getting more from your IP

Intellectual property (IP) is a significant asset for many businesses in today's knowledge economy; estimates are that typically 80% of a company's value comprises their intellectual assets. It is therefore imperative that companies identify, protect and sweat the value these assets through regular audit, monitoring and exploitation/commercialisation activities.


TfI's IP Audit involves systematically reviewing all aspects of a company's intangible assets and creating a register that can be used for future recording and tracking. This process will identify IP that requires protection through formal processes such as patenting or filing trademarks. Valuation of these assets is also conducted to ensure that appropriate Return on Investment (ROI) decisions can be made.


The audit process seeks to take a holistic view across a company improving all aspects of IP management and control, including contracts and R&D processes. If managed appropriately, the process can be used to educate and stimulate the business to engage in greater innovation.

The TfI audit also allow companies to review other commercialisation opportunities, the disposal of non core IP, the licencing of company IP into non core markets or applications, or geographic regions not covered by the business.

With the development of a wide range of Patent Exploitation Funds companies now have the option of realising the value of their IP to the benefit of the business.